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1. Different capacity up to 200MVA;
2. Different structure, and safety control;
3. Mature deign, know-how technology;
4. High efficient, power saving, high mechanical strength different design with customized requirements;
5. Punctual delivery, high end quality, and attentive service after sale;


   The electric arc furnace transformer is one of the most representative types of the electric furnace transformer,It is also more frequent and intense than other kinds of transformers that the working short circuit and the harmonic shock are subjected to operation.Therefore, high requirements have been put forward for the electric arc furnace transformer in the design calculation, the structure form, the manufacturing process and the test. Arc furnace transformer is one of the most representative work in the furnace transformer, short circuit and harmonic the bearing in the operation process of the impact than other types of transformer is more frequent and more intense, so the electric arc furnace transformer, the design calculation, structure, manufacturing process and test are made high request.In the design scheme of transformer electric arc furnace, in order to enhance the ability to withstand short circuit winding of large transformer by concentric structure, winding wire preferred self-adhesive transposition wire, greatly enhance the ability to withstand short circuit of transformer at the same time, reduce the winding eddy loss and stray loss.The main longitudinal insulation margin of the electric arc furnace transformer is increased to improve the safety factor of its overvoltage impact during operation.In the process of manufacturing the electric arc furnace transformer, the advanced structure is adopted to reduce the loss of air load and enhance the ability to withstand impact.


   In line with the requirements of energy saving and consumption reduction in iron and steel industry,  LF transformers, which are the main equipments used in iron and steel smelting, are aiming at reducing the power consumption per ton of steel and other factors. Our company pursues the following four goals in transformer equipment and manufacturing.


   1.transformer itself has good energy saving characteristics, that is, no-load loss, no-load current and load loss. As far as possible, reduce the percentage of impedance voltage and choose the right capacity on the commonly used capacity. By using the existing high-quality raw materials and using advanced technology such as small oil gap, the transformer will truly become an energy-saving type, and the performance level is consistent with that of the developed countries.
   2.transformer has very stable reliability and long service life. The design technology of new structure should be verified by operation test and type test, and the design life is no less than thirty years.
   3.requires a certain load capacity to ensure that the user in the excess nominal capacity, 20% load conditions, the operation of the appropriate operation.
   4.reduce the maintenance workload of users, users no longer in the long-term use of the core, the design of maintenance free time is not less than ten years. The free repair time is twenty years.
   5.selection of material, structure and technology of transformer






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