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Features of vacuum degassing furnace

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The induction melting vacuum degassing furnace firstly melts the metal (or vacuum) in an atmospheric environment. 

The molten metal is degassed under vacuum in the refining stage, and the liquid metal is cast under the atmosphere or under the protection of inert gas. 

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The induction melting vacuum degassing furnace can realize the following conventional processes:

1. Melting solid materials in the atmosphere (vacuum melting can be an option);

2. Melting solid materials in a controlled atmosphere;

3. Make the alloy distribution uniform and adjust the chemical composition;

3. Vacuum degassing (removal of hydrogen and nitrogen);

4. Reduce residual elements under low pressure, such as lead, zinc, bismuth, etc.;

5. Deoxygenation using a combined method of vacuum and carbon-oxygen reaction;

6. Decarburization-the enhanced carbon-oxygen reaction under low pressure ensures that low-content carbon steel has a good decarburization effect;

7. It can be blown with argon through the vent plug;

Compared with the intermediate frequency furnace, the quality of the products produced by the induction melting vacuum degassing furnace has been greatly improved:

1. Greatly improve the mechanical properties of the product, such as the degree of resistance of the metal, high ductility and good impact strength, fatigue strength, stress rupture strength and high temperature characteristics.

2. Improve process characteristics, such as hot workability, weldability and mechanical workability.

3. Due to the strong deoxidation effect of carbon, the residual magazine in the metal is more refined and the microstructure cleanliness is better.

4. Significantly reduce the dispersion of product performance characteristics.

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