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Learn vacuum furnace heat treatment process and advantages

Vacuum heat treatment is a metal heat treatment process in which the metal workpiece is heated below 1 atmosphere pressure (that is, under negative pressure). Among them, the vacuum environment in which the vacuum heat treatment is located includes low vacuum, medium vacuum, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum.

2022 08-08
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Vacuum degassing guide to principle, process and parameters

Vacuum degassing is carried out in the furnace body under a special vacuum environment. After a series of process operations, the product can achieve the specified effect.

2022 07-11
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Vacuum degassing furnace's principle and function

Vacuum degassing treatment is used to reduce dissolved gas components (e.g. hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen) in steel to improve the performance of steel. Liquid steel comes from primary metallurgical production steps, and the capacity of ladle is usually 20-200 tons. The liquid steel is covered with slag to prevent reaction with the atmosphere.

2021 12-31
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Precautions for the operation of LF furnace refining technology

Precautions for the operation of LF furnace refining technology 1. Inspection and preparation before refining of power distribution workers 1.1 Carefully check whether the selector switches are correct according to the equipment operating regulations. 1.2 Whether the high-voltage electrical system is normal. If there is any abnormality, report to the dispatching room and notify the electrical personnel to deal with it in time.

2021 02-15
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Features of vacuum degassing furnace

The induction melting vacuum degassing furnace firstly melts the metal (or vacuum) in an atmospheric environment. The molten metal is degassed under vacuum in the refining stage, and the liquid metal is cast under the atmosphere or under the protection of inert gas. Consac company has improved and o

2021 01-29




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