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Electric arc furnace---what are the raw materials for electric arc furnace smelting

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The main raw material of electric arc furnace steelmaking is scrap steel, but the resources of scrap steel are relatively scarce at present, which hinders the development of electric arc furnace steelmaking to a certain extent. In order to solve this problem, we must find substitutes for electric arc furnace steelmaking raw materials. The main substitutes that can replace electric arc furnace steelmaking are molten iron, decarburized granular iron, iron carbide, and composite metal materials. Today we have a detailed understanding of this molten iron: China Tapping spout electric arc furnace- CHNZBTECH

Electric arc furnace steelmaking has many advantages if molten iron is used. For details, please see the following: 

1. For non-flat molten pool smelting furnace types, power supply can be optimized, molten pool can be formed in advance, high-power power supply time can be increased, and smelting cycle can be shortened; 

2. Increase physical heat and chemical heat to improve thermal efficiency;

   3. It can dilute the content of harmful metal impurity elements in molten steel. 

Of course, the amount of molten iron added is not the better. It is more appropriate to control the ratio of molten iron to 30%-50%. When the oxygen supply intensity is low, the best iron-to-water ratio is about 30%; when the oxygen supply intensity is high, the iron-to-water ratio can reach 50%. The Quantum electric arc furnace developed by the German Prime company, in order to obtain sufficient preheating benefits, proposes that at least 50% of the scrap should be used. The converter-based smelting method of the all-metal hydroelectric furnace has caused the electric arc furnace to lose its superiority in sustainable development.

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