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Process and advantages of electric arc furnace melting cast iron

At present, the domestic electric arc furnace smelting of high carbon wear-resistant steel castings has developed rapidly, but its application in smelting high-end cast iron refractory castings is less.

2022 09-26
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Difference between converter steelmaking and electric arc furnace steelmaking

Converter steelmaking is the process of converting molten iron from the blast furnace into oxygen. The furnace body can rotate. The steel plate is used as the shell, and the refractory material is used as the lining. During converter steelmaking, there is no need to heat the molten iron, because the molten iron itself is high temperature, and the oxidation reaction of heating continues inside.

2022 06-06
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Steel tapping standards for different electric furnaces

An electric furnace that uses the induction electric heating effect of the material to heat or melt the material. The basic component of the induction furnace is an induction coil wound with a copper tube. An alternating voltage is applied to both ends of the induction coil to generate an alternating electromagnetic field.

2022 01-26
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Method for protecting steel tapping electric furnace

An electric arc furnace is an electric furnace that uses the high temperature generated by an electrode arc to smelt ores and metals, so it is also called an electric furnace. When the gas discharge in the electric furnace forms an arc, the energy is very concentrated, and the arc zone temperature is above 3000 ℃.

2022 01-21
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The vacuum electric arc furnace is used for operation in vacuum environment

An arc is an arc discharge of a gas. Gas arc discharge is characterized by low voltage between electrodes, large current through the gas, bright white light, high arc temperature (about 5000K). The huge current density comes from the hot electron emission of the cathode and the self-emission of th

2021 08-06




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