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How to reduce electrode consumption of electric arc furnace?

The consumption of the electrode runs through the whole smelting process, and its consumption is affected by many factors.

2022 06-13
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EBT electric furnace’s outlet filler and operation

EBT ​electric furnace realizes the opening and closing of the water outlet through the opening and closing mechanism of the steel outlet, while blocking the steel outlet and automatic pouring are realized through the filler. If the molten steel can’t flow out automatically, the steel can be tapped by gently striking the steel drill or burning oxygen. When burning oxygen, use a special oxygen blowing elbow to blow oxygen at the steel outlet. Generally, it takes only a few seconds to burn the sintered filler at the steel outlet to make the molten steel flow out.

2021 10-15
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Electric arc furnace steelmaking’s advantages

Electric arc furnace steelmaking has a strong adaptability to the charge. It uses scrap steel as the main raw material, but it can also use solid and liquid iron-containing raw materials, such as molten iron (blast furnace or ironmaking furnace), sponge iron (DRI), hot briquette (HBI), pig iron blocks, etc.

2021 10-04
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Electric arc furnace steelmaking requirements for raw material scrap steel

It is well known to everyone that the main raw material of electric arc furnace steelmaking is scrap steel. But do you know the requirements of electric arc furnace steelmaking for scrap steel? Read the brief introduction to electric arc furnace below to learn the basic requirements for raw material scrap in steelmaking.

2021 09-27
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Electric arc furnace of the advantages

Analysis of the advantages of eAF bottom blowing technology of eAF manufacturers, the eAF bottom blowing technology (DPP) was first applied in Germany Thysen Special Steel Company 110T eAF in 1980. The main advantages are as follows: (1) Promote the melting of scrap steel, reduce the soft melting p

2021 08-11




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