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Electric arc furnace(EAF) of the introduction

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What are the refractory materials used in electric arc furnaces? do you know? How does the refractory plant do a good job in dust prevention and dust removal? do you understand? The editor of the electric arc furnace manufacturer tells you: First of all, let us know what kind of furnace the electric arc furnace is. Electric arc furnace is an industrial furnace that generates electric arc heating by metal electrodes or non-metal electrodes. Common arc cards include three-phase electric arc furnaces, consumable electrode electric arc furnaces, single-phase electric arc furnaces and resistance electric arc furnaces. The furnace body of the electric arc furnace is composed of the furnace door, the furnace cover, the tapping trough and the furnace body.China Tapping spout electric arc furnace- CHNZBTECH

 The bottom and the furnace wall of the electric arc furnace are alkaline. Electric arc furnace steelmaking is divided into high-power electric arc furnace, ordinary power electric arc furnace and ultra-high-power electric arc furnace according to the transformer capacity per ton of furnace capacity. Electric arc furnace steelmaking uses graphite electrodes to input electrical energy into the electric arc furnace steelmaking furnace, and the electric arc between the electrode tip and the charge is used as the heat source for steelmaking. The electric arc furnace uses electric energy as a heat source to adjust the atmosphere in the furnace, which is very conducive to smelting steels that contain more oxidizable elements. Soon after the invention of electric arc furnace steelmaking, it was used to smelt alloy steel, and it has been greatly developed. In recent years, electric arc furnace equipment and smelting technology have gradually improved, the electric power industry has developed rapidly, and the cost of electric arc furnace steelmaking has gradually decreased. At present, electric arc furnace steelmaking can not only produce alloy steel, but also ordinary carbon steel, and its output is constantly increasing in the total steel output of major industrial countries. Refractory materials used in the construction of electric arc furnaces. Electric arc furnace is a kind of electric furnace steelmaking equipment that uses the electric arc between the electrode tip and the charge as the heat source. The development of electric arc furnace technology is the development of DC electric arc furnace, furnace bottom gas stirring and furnace bottom tapping based on the use of high power. 

These technological achievements are inseparable from the development and application of new varieties of refractory materials. At the same time, the consumption of refractory materials is also reduced, and it is easy to control automatically. The electric arc furnace is composed of furnace roof, furnace wall, furnace bottom and tapping trough. The refractory furnace roof is also called the furnace cover. It is dome-shaped and movable. The outer ring is a water jacket steel structure. During smelting, the furnace roof is always in a high temperature state and will be affected by sudden changes in temperature, such as furnace gas and slag powder. The chemical attack, the radiation of the electrode arc and the scouring of the smoke, and the dust accumulated on the top of the furnace will also generate pressure, which will hinder its heat dissipation.

 The furnace roof is also mechanically affected when it is raised and lowered. Vibration and poor working conditions are the weak links of the entire furnace lining. So the life of the electric furnace refers to the life of the top of the electric furnace. DC arc. Because the furnace adopts a single electrode structure, there is no hot spot area, the water cooling area of the furnace top is enlarged, and the use conditions of refractory materials are obvious. After entering the 1980s, due to the expansion of the electric arc furnace capacity and the rapid improvement of the unit power, the working conditions of the furnace roof became more demanding, resulting in earth-shaking changes in the refractory materials used.

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