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Cooling tower's working principle and structure

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In recent years, with the rapid development of China's industry, the cooling tower has ushered in a good development prospect. More and more industries and enterprises have applied to the cooling tower, and many enterprises have entered the cooling tower industry and developed.

Working principle of China chilled water cooling tower 

Cooling tower is a comprehensive product integrating aerodynamics, thermodynamics, fluid science, chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, static and dynamic structural mechanics, processing technology and other disciplines. The cooling tower is a device that uses the contact (direct or indirect) between air and water to cool water. It takes water as the circulating coolant to absorb heat from a system and discharge it to the atmosphere, so as to reduce the temperature of circulating water in the tower and make the cooling water recyclable.Cooling tower-Chnzbtech

Structure of closed cooling tower  

The cooling tower body is generally composed of upper, middle and lower parts, and its internal structure is composed of fan, water collector (remover), water distribution system, water spraying filler, air inlet window and chassis (or pool) from top to bottom.

1. Drenching filler

The water drenching filler is the main component for the cooling of hot water in the tower. The hot water to be cooled is splashed into water droplets or forms a water film for many times, which increases the contact area and prolongs the contact time between water and air, promotes the heat exchange between hot water and air, and cools the water.

2. Water distribution system

The function of water distribution system is to evenly distribute hot water on the whole filler. Whether the hot water is evenly distributed has a great impact on the cooling effect.

3. Ventilation equipment

A fan driven by motor is set in the air duct of the upper tower body of the mechanical ventilation cooling tower, and the fan rotation is used to generate the designed air flow, so as to ensure sufficient heat exchange between air and water and achieve the cooling effect.

4. Air distribution device

The air distribution device refers to the air inlet, louver and air guide plate, which aims to guide the air to be evenly distributed on the whole section of the cooling tower, prevent the air from generating uneven, eddy current and reflux in the tower, and ensure the uniform contact between water and air.

5. Ventilator

The function of the ventilator is to create good aerodynamic conditions, reduce ventilation resistance, send the hot and humid air discharged from the cooling tower into the air, and prevent or reduce the return of hot and humid air.

The ventilation duct of mechanical ventilation cooling tower is also referred to as air duct. At present, it is basically made of FRP. The air duct of the air duct type natural ventilation cooling tower is large and high in diameter. It plays the role of ventilation and sending wet air to the high altitude. It is made of reinforced concrete.

6. Water separator (collector)

The water droplets carried in the wet air outside the tower will be discharged, and the water collector will be used to separate the water droplets from the air in the tower to reduce the loss of escaping water and its impact on the surrounding environment.

7. Tower body

The tower body refers to the shell of the cooling tower. The tower bodies of mechanical ventilation cooling tower and air duct natural ventilation cooling tower are closed, and their function is to support, enclose and organize appropriate air flow; The tower body of the open cooling tower is made open along the tower height to make the air naturally enter the tower.

8. Catch basin

It is arranged at the lower part of the cooling tower to collect the cooling water falling from the drenching filler of multiple towers. The sump has a certain volume and sometimes plays the role of regulating water volume.

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