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Vacuum arc furnace is a kind of vacuum metallurgical smelting equipment.

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Vacuum arc furnace is a kind of vacuum metallurgical smelting equipment.  The furnace body is a closed container, pumped into a vacuum or filled with inert gas.  An electric arc is generated after the electrode through the top of the furnace and the water-cooled crystallizer at the bottom of the furnace is electrified, and the metal or alloy is melted by the heat of the arc and solidified in the crystallizer.  The electrode of vacuum arc furnace is made of smelted metal called "consumable electrode vacuum arc furnace", such as the use of non-melting materials as electrodes called "non-consumable electrode vacuum arc furnace".  The product contains less impurities, low gas content, good ingot structure, and has excellent mechanical and physical properties.  Suitable for smelting high melting point metals, active metals, special steels and metals.  Vacuum Oxygen Degassing factory- CHNZBTECH

Vacuum arc furnace is a kind of equipment for remelting cast electrode, the electrode density is similar to the density of dense metal.  The computer control technology of Zhenhu electric furnace has realized the repeatability of production, and it is easier to operate.  For special requirements, such as laboratory or unconventional size requirements, Zhenhu furnace can also be designed and manufactured.  VAR design features: coaxial conductive structure;  The degree reduces the agitation of uncontrolled magnetic field, and the X-Y electrode is aligned to the system, improving spindle quality.  

1. Closed-loop water-saving cooling system or mold cooling water circulation system  

2. Fully automatic operation;  Once the furnace is started, the whole process is automatic until the hot cap is completed  

3, a complete set of safety protection system, including argon backfill, overpressure safety valve and PLC safety control  

4. Adopt weighing sensor for precise melting speed control  

5. All motors are controlled by servo and frequency conversion motors.  

6, Siemens high-speed droplet counting processor  

Uses: Used to produce high temperature alloy, stainless steel, die steel, etc.  

Composition: power supply, control system, vacuum system, furnace body, water cooling system, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, etc.  

Vacuum arc furnace features: accurate arc length, constant melting speed control;  Controllable heat sealing ingot technology;  

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