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The introduction of the low micro carbon ferrochrome furnace

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The main uses of low micro carbon  ferrochrome furnace (including reproduced ferrochrome):

     1. Used as an alloying agent for ball steel, tool steel and high-speed steel with high carbon content to improve the hardenability of steel and increase the wear resistance and hardness of steel;

     2. Used as an additive for cast iron to improve the wear resistance and hardness of cast iron, and at the same time make cast iron have good heat resistance;

     3. Used as chromium-containing raw materials for the production of silicon-chromium alloys and medium, low and micro-carbon ferrochromium by slag-free method;

     4. Used as a raw material containing inscriptions for the production of metallic chromium by electrolysis;

     5. Used as raw material for smelting stainless steel by oxygen blowing method.low micro carbon ferrochrome furnace - CHNZBTECH

The equipment structure is an arc frame tilting frame type, and the low micro carbon  ferrochrome furnace steel is tapped by a hydraulic tilting method. When the furnace body is tilted back to the horizontal position, there are two horizontal supports behind the arc frame of the furnace body to ensure that the furnace body can always remain level when the hydraulic system fails. , There will be no tipping accidents.

The electrode lifting hydraulic proportional valve speed automatic regulator adopts a control system composed of a Siemens programmable controller, which is simple and reliable to operate.

Electrode lifting mechanism adopts oil cylinder transmission, which is flexible, safe and reliable.

The tilting of the furnace body adopts the form of hydraulic transmission, and the integrated block hydraulic valve. The hydraulic station is equipped with two plunger pumps, one for use and one for backup, and is equipped with an energy storage tank, which has the function of maintaining pressure.

Six large cross-section water-cooled cables, conductive cross arms, flexible compensators, copper bars, and energy-saving short nets arranged in a triangular space. The impedance value of the short network is ≤0.5+ j 2.3mΩ, and the unbalance of the three-phase impedance is ≤5%.

The conductive cross arm is an electrode arm made of a new type of copper-steel composite plate, which has good high temperature resistance. The electrode chuck is made of chromium-copper forging, and the electrode is clamped by a stainless steel strap. The clamping force is large, easy to adjust, reliable in work, not prone to arcing, and has a long service life.

The high-voltage side metering (active and reactive watt-hours) meter and primary overcurrent relay and secondary overcurrent relay of electric furnace smelting power consumption are separately led to the low-voltage operation room to facilitate measurement and monitoring. One set of secondary voltage indicator light and voltmeter are installed in the control room and outside to facilitate on-site monitoring.

The cooling water system has pressure and water temperature monitoring and alarms. All welds in the cooling water area should be protected from direct arc light. Low cooling water inlet and high outlet design.

It adopts a semi-closed hood with a smoke exhaust outlet and is connected to a dust removal system, which has a good dust removal effect. The feeding port is equipped with a valve to control the feeding amount.

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