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Analysis on the Causes of the Damage of the Ferroalloy Furnace Body

Reasons and analysis of furnace damage1. The electrode working end is too long for a long time, and the furnace bottom refractory material is consumed a lot, which causes the temperature of the furnace bottom to rise abnormally or the result of furnace bottom burning through.2. The working end of th

2021 01-06
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Challenges facing the development of electric furnace steelmaking

1. The cost competitiveness of electric furnace steelmaking is not strongSince 2000, the proportion of my country's electric furnace steel output has fallen from the highest 17.6% in 2003 to 6.1% in 2015, and the development speed is obviously lagging behind that of converter steelmaking. The bigges

2021 01-04
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Ferroalloy furnace life extension measures

As the core equipment of production, the service life of the ferroalloy furnace body is directly related to the cost and benefit of the enterprise. In order to improve the service life of the furnace body, the company combined the experience summarized by the industry workers in the past, and carrie

2021 01-01
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(DRI) Impact on electric arc furnace steelmaking

The influence of direct reduced iron (DRI) on electric arc furnace steelmaking1. Productivity and yield Production practice shows that adding DRI has a great impact on the productivity and yield of the electric arc furnace. In recent years, the number of large electric arc furnace plants newly built

2020 12-30
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The electric arc furnace produced by our company is very good

We optimized the electric arc furnace technology to achieve the best balance among raw materials, scrap preheating, energy saving and environmental protection, process control, automation control, smelting cycle, and production capacity.The electric arc furnace inputs electric energy into the electr

2020 12-21



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