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Ferroalloy furnace's accident analysis

CThe main reason is that some smelters have weak safety awareness and numbness of thought, do not abide by the safe operation procedures for tapping and oxygen blowing, or are affected by habitual illegal operators, and operate against regulations when the safety protection devices are lack and damaged and the safety protection measures are not implemented in place, resulting in accidents.

2022 03-30
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Ferroalloy furnace's introduction

Main equipment for smelting ferroalloy. Ferroalloy electric furnaces are divided into reduction electric furnaces and refining electric furnaces. There are various types of electric furnace, such as electric furnace with open or semi arc operation, or electric furnace with submerged arc operation. Electric refining furnace is used to refine medium carbon, low carbon and micro carbon ferroalloys.

2022 03-21
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Low micro carbon ferrochrome furnace's basic introduction

As a kind of ferrochrome with low carbon content, low-carbon ferrochrome is an important additive in steelmaking and casting. At ordinary times, our common stainless steel and high alloy ferritic steel are smelted by adding low-carbon ferrochrome in smelting. It can be said that low-carbon alloys are widely used.

2021 12-27
ferrosilicon production electric arc furnace- CHNZBTECH.jpg
Ferrosilica furnace is a kind of industrial electric furnace

Ferrosilica furnace is a kind of industrial electric furnace which consumes a lot of power. Ferrosilicone furnace shell, furnace cover, furnace lining, short net, water cooling system, smoke exhaust system, dust removal system, electrode shell, electrode pressure and lifting system, loading and unl

2021 06-09
low micro carbon ferrochrome furnace - CHNZBTECH.jpg
The introduction of the low micro carbon ferrochrome furnace

The electrode lifting hydraulic proportional valve speed automatic regulator adopts a control system composed of a Siemens programmable controller, which is simple and reliable to operate.Electrode lifting mechanism adopts oil cylinder transmission, which is flexible, safe and reliable.The tilting of the furnace body adopts the form of hydraulic transmission, and the integrated block hydraulic valve. The hydraulic station is equipped with two plunger pumps, one for use and one for backup, and is equipped with an energy storage tank, which has the function of maintaining pressure. Six large cross-section water-cooled cables, conductive cross arms, flexible compensators, copper bars, and energy-saving short nets arranged in a triangular space. The impedance value of the short network is ≤0.5+ j 2.3mΩ, and the unbalance of the three-phase impedance is ≤5%.

2021 04-05




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