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RH refining furnace: a way to improve the injection process

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The application of post-combustion technology in steelmaking is embodied in the use of converter oxygen lances (converter post-combustion oxygen lances) and RH top-blowing lances (represented by RH-KTB), as well as in electric arc furnace steelmaking (two On the secondary combustion PC gun).  

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It shows that the secondary combustion technology has been applied in the molten steel blowing and refining stage, but the special secondary combustion oxygen lance injection process technology like converter or electric furnace has not been formed in the refining stage. The stage top blowing oxygen lance is mainly used for forced decarburization.

The secondary combustion technology is to blow the jet from the top gun into the molten pool at supersonic speed. Part of the oxygen reacts with the [C] in the molten steel to form CO, and part of the oxygen is dissolved in the molten steel to form dissolved oxygen and the molten steel [C] Reaction.

The rising CO reacts with part of the oxygen in the upper part of the molten pool, and the secondary combustion generates CO2 and releases a large amount of heat. The heat thus generated is transferred to the charge or molten pool, which improves the thermal efficiency of smelting. In converter and electric furnace smelting, special secondary combustion equipment and technology have been formed to promote the oxidation reaction of CO.

In the RH refining furnace, the RH-KTB method developed in Japan uses a part of the rising CO to react with the O2 in the furnace while injecting oxygen at the top. This is also partly applied by domestic steel plants.

However, this technology has not yet fully utilized the large amount of CO in the vacuum chamber. For this reason, the present invention has developed special secondary combustion equipment and process technology for the RH refining furnace, which can reduce the secondary combustion rate in the RH refining furnace. The current 40-60% is further increased, and the remaining heat in the furnace is fully utilized to heat the molten steel, which brings new technology for the smelting of molten steel in the RH refining furnace.

Technical realization elements:

The purpose of the present invention is to providean injection process that can improve the secondary combustion efficiency of the RH refining furnace, and improve the heat utilization efficiency in the RH refining furnace. By adopting a top blower with auxiliary oxygen holes in the RH refining furnace The post-combustion oxygen lance injection process makes the CO gas produced by the carbon-oxygen reaction more fully contact the oxygen in the vacuum chamber to further increase the post-combustion rate.

When the final tapping [C] of the converter is ≥0.05%, the secondary combustion rate can be increased by 20-30% by adopting the RH top blowing oxygen injection vacuum operation process, which is compared with the traditional top gun blowing oxygen decarburization process , The temperature compensation of molten steel is about 4~6℃.

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