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Vacuum furnace and common uses

A vacuum furnace is a furnace in which the products in the furnace are surrounded by vacuum during processing. The absence of air or other gases prevents oxidation, product heat loss through convection, and eliminates sources of contamination. This allows the furnace to heat materials (usually metal

2023 03-23
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Learn vacuum furnace heat treatment process and advantages

Vacuum heat treatment is a metal heat treatment process in which the metal workpiece is heated below 1 atmosphere pressure (that is, under negative pressure). Among them, the vacuum environment in which the vacuum heat treatment is located includes low vacuum, medium vacuum, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum.

2022 08-08
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Secondary refining's development

In order to homogenize the composition and temperature, the gas stirring process in the ladle appeared. The most striking is the adoption of secondary refining, which greatly improves the output and quality of steel. However, what is the main task and purpose of secondary refining? The composition of molten steel, decarburization, deslagging and refining of molten steel shall be adjusted according to the target of molten steel, molten steel melting, deslagging and refining.

2022 02-23
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RH refining furnace: a way to improve the injection process

The application of post-combustion technology in steelmaking is embodied in the use of converter oxygen lances (converter post-combustion oxygen lances) and RH top-blowing lances (represented by RH-KTB), as well as in electric arc furnace steelmaking (two On the secondary combustion PC gun), it show

2021 01-22
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(DRI) Impact on electric arc furnace steelmaking

The influence of direct reduced iron (DRI) on electric arc furnace steelmaking1. Productivity and yield Production practice shows that adding DRI has a great impact on the productivity and yield of the electric arc furnace. In recent years, the number of large electric arc furnace plants newly built

2020 12-30




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