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Overview of LF refining furnace

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LF refining furnace is mainly composed of upper tank, middle tank, lower tank, circulation pipe and immersion pipe.

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The working principle of LF furnace:

LF furnace system equipment is a secondary refining process setting equipment used to produce high-quality molten steel. The entire molten steel smelting process is carried out in a vacuum tank with refractory bricks.

The lower part of the vacuum tank is composed of two dip tubes with refractory products.

The working process of LF furnace refining is:

Before the molten steel is processed, the dip tube is first immersed in the molten steel in the ladle waiting to be processed.

When the vacuum tank is evacuated into a vacuum state, the molten steel is forced to flow into the vacuum tank through the dip tube due to the atmospheric pressure on its surface. The two immersion tubes are the rising tube and the falling tube.


Because argon is continuously blown into the molten steel through the rising pipe, a relatively high static pressure difference is generated in the descending pipe without argon blowing, and the molten steel enters from the rising pipe and passes through the lower part of the vacuum tank, and then flows into the descending pipe , And run repeatedly.

The pumped gas enters the gas cooler through the hot elbow and is cooled down to the vacuum pump system and discharged outside the plant. In the case of vacuum, when flowing through the vacuum tank, the argon, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and other gases in the molten steel are pumped away during the repeated circulation of the molten steel.

At the same time, the molten steel entering the vacuum tank also undergoes a series of smelting reaction processes, such as carbon oxidation reaction, etc.; this cycle repeats the process to purify the molten steel.

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