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Ladle refining furnace: What are the characteristics?

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Ladle refining furnace is not often encountered in our lives. I believe many friends are very unfamiliar with it, but it is one of the main equipment for refining outside the furnace. Let’s summarize its features, let’s learn together!

What is a ladle refining furnace?

 It is used to refine the molten steel in the primary smelting furnace and at the same time adjust the temperature of the molten steel. The ladle refining furnace has many functions. On the one hand, it can heat the molten steel and keep it warm, so that the molten steel can be heated by the electric arc to obtain new heat energy, which can not only make the ladle refining can be supplemented The composition of the alloy can also be added to the slag.


At the same time, the ladle refining furnace also has the function of argon stirring. The argon gas blows the atmosphere into the molten steel through the breathable bricks installed at the bottom of the ladle, so that the molten steel can obtain a considerable stirring function.

In addition, the ladle refining furnace has a relatively good vacuum degassing function. From these features, it is not difficult to see that the application of the ladle refining furnace has been very popular, such as industry, metallurgy, steel and other industries, which is very good!

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