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How to reduce electrode consumption of electric arc furnace?

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Main factors affecting electrode consumption of EAF

The consumption of the electrode runs through the whole smelting process, and its consumption is affected by many factors. Only the operation factors are analyzed here.

1. The ladle insulation effect and slag making effect are not good and the smelting time is prolonged;

2. The power supply equipment does not match the electrode specifications; the power transmission is a high-current and low-voltage operation.

(1) If the power supply capacity is large and exceeds the limit load of the electrode, the electrode will be discharged within 5~10min of arc starting. Now the redness from bottom to top, the boundary line of the joint is very obvious, and most of them have broken accidents.buy electric arc furnace -Chnzbtech

(2) The current is too high or the fluctuation is too large, the breaking frequency of the joint at the connection increases, and the bottom consumption is Conical.

(3) If the power supply capacity is low and the furnace temperature does not meet the requirements, the operation needs to be delayed.

(4) Overload and overtime operations consume the most electrodes.

3. The selection of power transmission curve and gear, the control of arc starting and arc stabilization voltage and current, the use of long, medium and short arcs, the configuration and application of water cooling system, etc., all play a key role in the consumption of electrodes .

4. The oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance and quality fluctuation of the electrode have a great influence on the electrode consumption.

Ways to reduce electrode consumption of arc furnace 

The following is mainly discussed from the smelting production:

1. New LF furnace technology

(1) Spray water cooling reduces the unit consumption of the electrode by 1/3;

(2) Improve the thermal insulation performance of the ladle and shorten the smelting time;

(3) Reasonable use of slag system, rapid melting of slag material, rapid desulfurization, and reduction of smelting power consumption;

(4) Adopt reasonable process layout to reduce the waiting time of molten steel and reduce power consumption.

(5) Adopt logistics tracking and intelligent production scheduling system to reduce the waiting time of molten steel and save power consumption.

2. Reduce consumption by adopting new power supply equipment

Impedance LF furnace operation and automatic monitoring system in the furnace controls the electrodes, reducing power consumption and reducing electrode wear.

3. Strictly control the consumption reduction in the power transmission system

Strict control of the power transmission system is the premise to ensure normal smelting. Different steel grades and smelting processes have corresponding arc voltage and current gears to prevent excessive current fluctuations and strictly control the peak current working time. Effectively prevent electrode redness and reactive oxidation consumption and furnace breakage.

4. Standardize the consumption reduction in use

(1) The electrode factory must strictly require or instruct the user on the storage and transportation of the electrode and the connection of the electrode.

(2) The connection technology of electrodes, in principle, large-sized electrodes must be connected under the furnace;electric arc furnace supplier -Chnzbtech

(3) Avoid collision to generate thread fragments when connecting; keep the upper electrode always vertical; when it is evenly screwed to 8~10mm, use inertial locking, and then use a long-arm wrench to apply a pre-tightening torque until it cannot be screwed. Until it is screwed together, the seamed electrode cannot be put into the furnace;

(4) If there is a problem with the phase sequence and the connection is good, it is best not to hit the fixed pins. The purpose is to avoid breakage and shedding losses.

(5) The heightening electrode should be connected in time to prevent damage to the thread;

(6) There must be a soft connection when sliding the electrode to avoid hard collision;

(7) The holder and the electrode must be kept vertical to prevent scratching the electrode with the small furnace cover;

(8) Electrode impregnation treatment, saving electrode consumption by 15~18%.

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