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Electric arc furnace VS LF refining furnace

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What is the difference between electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace?

  The use of ordinary electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace is not the same as the quality of finished steel  

The steel should be of high quality.  General electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace with the use.  Electric arc furnace is the initial refining, refining 100 furnace refining, refining furnace is the next process of electric arc furnace, can not be used to zone . Like soup at home, electric furnace is to boil water on the line, and refining to add salt, MONOsodium glutamate and other spices, electric furnace is to melt scrap steel into molten steel, refining furnace according to the steel seed . Gold, the composition back to the scope of the process requirements, the removal of harmful gases in the steel, inclusions, smelting into qualified pure billet .ladle furnace vs electric arc furnace- CHNZBTECH

Electric arc furnace is a kind of power frequency electric furnace which uses electric arc energy to smelt metal.  Industrial electric arc furnaces can be divided into three types: the first type is the direct heating type, the arc occurs at a special electrode . Between, the charge is directly subjected to arc heat.  Mainly used for steelmaking, followed by smelting iron, copper, refractory materials, refined steel liquid, etc.  The second type is indirect heating, where the arc occurs at .

In addition, the charge is heated by the arc and used for smelting copper and copper alloy.  The third type is called mineral furnace, with high resistivity ore as raw material, in the working process of the lower electrode .The heating principle is: the heat generated by the charge resistance when the current passes through the charge, and the heat generated by the arc between the electrode and the charge.  

Mineral heat furnace is a kind of electric arc furnace

Current velocity break protection to prevent interphase short circuit: the setting value of quick break current should avoid the maximum working load current of the electric furnace, and the protection should be set on the high voltage side of the electric furnace transformer to change the high voltage in the furnace . Generally, gl type duplex relay with both inverse time and fixed time characteristics is used for port protection, and DL type three-phase triple relay connection can also be used.  Use of fixed time characteristics to change the furnace  

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