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Electric arc furnace VS LF refining furnace

What is the difference between electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace? The use of ordinary electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace is not the same as the quality of finished steel The steel should be of high quality. General electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace with the use. E

2021 09-10
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Electric furnaces have problems in steel making

omestic electric furnace manufacturers should establish a modern enterprise management system and actively implement international quality management standards. Competition in the electric furnace equipment market will further force companies to reduce costs, and competition will make the profit tre

2021 07-30
China vacuum furnace equipment- CHNZBTECH.png
The 60tVD vacuum refining furnace upgrade project was successfully put into operation

After CHNZBTECH undertook the 60tVD vacuum refining furnace upgrade project, it has arranged equipment engineers and process engineers to visit the site many times, through equipment testing and diagnosis, optimizing the design, replacing nozzles, adding steam-water separators, steam pipes, adding

2020 11-25
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Steelmaking electric furnace: introduction to the advantages of its tube water-cooled furnace cover

The existing furnace covers of steel-making electric furnaces mostly adopt the structure of masonry refractory bricks. The disadvantages of the furnace covers of this structure are many brick cracks, poor overall performance, high energy consumption, short service life, and long maintenance.

2020 11-18
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How does the LF ladle refining furnace perform secondary refining treatment on scrap steel

China produces about 200 million tons of iron and steel waste (such as trimming, trimming, scrapped machinery, household waste, etc.) every year. The LF ladle refining furnace is a kind of molten steel refining treatment device built after the primary furnace (converter, electric furnace). The LF pr

2020 11-11




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