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Electric arc furnace-the main aspects of strengthening smelting and process energy saving

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What are the main aspects of electric arc furnace intensified smelting and process energy saving? In recent years, Chinese electric arc furnace steelmaking enterprises have adopted different intensified smelting process technologies and equipment, and have made significant progress in improving production efficiency, reducing smelting power consumption, and recovering secondary energy. Energy-saving technologies of electric arc furnace steelmaking process mainly include:

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(1) Improve the input electric power and efficiency of electricity consumption per ton of steel, such as the use of ultra-high power electric furnaces, DC electric furnaces, high impedance or variable impedance AC electric furnaces, optimize the electric furnace power supply system and short network structure, and adopt conductive cross arms, long arc operation, and safety Longevity bottom blowing technology, etc.;

(2) Provide physical and chemical heat sources, such as heating molten iron, scrap preheating, furnace door carbon-oxygen lance, furnace wall carbon-oxygen-combustion composite cluster lance, bottom blowing oxygen technology, etc.;

(3) Optimize operation technology, such as eccentric bottom tapping, mechanized feeding system and continuous feeding method, rapid temperature measurement and sampling analysis, etc.;

(4) Recovery of flue gas waste heat, use of waste heat to generate steam, which is supplied to the vacuum refining device in the workshop or connected to the grid for power generation. At present, the electric furnaces that use the hot molten iron process are basically equipped with flue gas waste heat recovery devices. In addition, electric furnace flue gas has been successfully developed in China Complete waste heat recovery device and carry out engineering demonstration.

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