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Why must the new electric arc furnace for steelmaking be dried up - part 2

Low voltage and small current must be used to slowly heat up the brine furnace (carbon free furnace lining). If the temperature rises rapidly, the brine will vaporize violently and cause furnace bottom cracking and furnace wall cracking. In the process of furnace drying, it is necessary to arrange an interval to cut off power, check the electrode position of furnace drying, furnace lining sintering, equipment and water cooling system

2022 06-10
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13 steps of electric arc furnace steelmaking-part 2

The oxidation period of ordinary power electric arc furnace steelmaking usually refers to the process stage from the dissolution of the charge, sampling and analysis to the completion of the oxidation slag. Some think it started from blowing oxygen or adding ore to decarbonize.

2022 01-17
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Electric arc furnace-the main aspects of strengthening smelting and process energy saving

What are the main aspects of electric arc furnace intensified smelting and process energy saving? In recent years, Chinese electric arc furnace steelmaking enterprises have adopted different intensified smelting process technologies and equipment, and have made significant progress in improving production efficiency, reducing smelting power consumption, and recovering secondary energy. Energy-saving technologies of electric arc furnace steelmaking process mainly include:

2021 02-12
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Features of electric arc furnace

Electric arc furnaces use electric energy as their main energy source. Electric energy draws arcs through the discharge of graphite electrodes and the charge to generate a high temperature of 2000 ~ 6000 ℃ or more. The scrap steel raw materials are melted by arc radiation, temperature convection and

2020 11-09




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