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Electric arc furnace steelmaking: what are its obvious advantages?

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Electric arc furnace steelmaking is now the general trend, so what are the obvious advantages of electric arc furnace steelmaking? We can find out about this from the electric arc furnace manufacturer!

Electric arc furnace steelmaking advantages:

1. The electric arc furnace production process has the functions of removing [C], removing [P], removing [O], and removing [S], adjusting temperature, composition, degassing, and removing inclusions, while the intermediate frequency furnace only has the functions of adjusting the composition and removing [ O] function can only be regarded as a chemical steel furnace.


2. The rated capacity of the intermediate frequency furnace is small, the smelting time is long, and the production capacity is much smaller than that of the electric arc furnace. For example, a 70t eccentric bottom tapping ultra-high power energy-saving electric arc furnace can shorten the smelting cycle of each furnace to 45 minutes, and the annual steel output can reach 600-700,000 tons.

3. Due to the different production process of electric arc furnace and intermediate frequency furnace, the quality is better than that of intermediate frequency furnace. It can produce special steels such as bearing steel, oil well pipe and high-quality spring steel, while intermediate frequency furnace can only produce commonly used carbon structures with low quality requirements. Steel; The composition of electric arc furnace is easy to control, and the hit rate of varieties can reach more than 99.5%. However, when the ingredients of intermediate frequency furnace [C], [P] and alloying elements are high, it cannot be adjusted, and the hit rate of varieties is low.

4. The electric arc furnace + LF furnace can be matched with continuous casting one-to-one, the production rhythm is easy to control, the intermediate frequency furnace and continuous casting are difficult to achieve, and the production rhythm is slow.

5. According to application and industrial comparison and calculation, if the ultra-high power electric arc furnace adopts DP energy-saving scrap preheating continuous feeding technology, the power consumption cost can be about 110 yuan/t steel lower than that of the intermediate frequency furnace.

6. The "Regulations and Conditions for Production and Operation of the Iron and Steel Industry" formulated by relevant departments stipulate that steelmaking plants with a nominal capacity of 70 tons and above are allowed to be constructed, and ultra-high-power energy-saving steel-making electric arc furnaces with a nominal capacity of 70 tons and above are in line with national policies. Enterprises can be long-term and sustainable ,healthy growth. The intermediate frequency furnace is within the scope of the state's express ban and elimination.

Okay, the above is an analysis of the obvious advantages of electric arc furnace steelmaking. If you want to know more about electric arc furnace-related information, please pay attention to the official website

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