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Transformer of the major introduction

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Transformer, presumably those who understand electronic transformers know that annular transformers are widely used in all aspects, stepper motor, automatic door control, medical equipment, and even in LED lighting, headset audio useful to annular transformers.  

The basic structure of Transformer is as follows

1. Iron core: ordinary transformer silicon steel sheets are stacked, and the iron core of the coil iron core transformer is made of silicon steel tape.  Under the action of the ac current of the primary side coil, it forms the alternating magnetic flux of power frequency, and generates the electromotive force in the secondary side coil through the alternating magnetic flux in the iron core to form a low-voltage power supply.  Iron core is the main body of electric energy, magnetic energy and electric energy conversion.  Furnace transformer manufacturers - CHNZBTECH

2. winding (commonly known as coil) : generally with flat insulated copper wire or round copper wire winding on the winding die.  Including primary, secondary (high pressure, low pressure) two groups.  The primary coil is to introduce the original side of the electric energy into the transformer part to complete the excitation process, the other part to fill the electric energy in the secondary coil, the secondary coil is to convert the magnetic energy into electric energy and transmit it out.  The coils are usually connected in accordance with a certain electrical loop connection method.  

3. body insulation: including primary insulation, insulation between turns and core insulation, and insulation between the shell.  The materials used are cardboard, epoxy resin, various insulating materials, transformer oil and so on.  Transformer oil in addition to good insulation, but also to help the role of transformer cooling, cooling operation of the core and coil.  

Seven advantages of transformer

1, low standby energy consumption, lower no-load loss for standby saving more energy;  

2, high efficiency, high energy conversion efficiency, efficient green power supply.  

3, no high frequency electromagnetic radiation, its power frequency electric field and magnetic field, the impact on the environment and human body can be completely ignored, is a healthy power supply.  

4, low temperature characteristic is good, can still start normally in the environment of minus 40 degrees, and long time work.  

5. Small internal resistance, strong anti-interference ability, small size, high cost performance when making high-power power supply.  

6, excellent electrical performance, its electrical strength and humidity resistance ability is far higher than the industry standard.  

7, low temperature characteristics are good, part of the annular transformer can still start normally at minus 30 degrees.  

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