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The characteristics of different types of transformers

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Power transformer: used to increase and decrease the voltage of the power transmission and distribution system. Transformers: such as voltage transformers, current transformers, used to measure appearance and relay protection equipment. Experimental transformer: It can generate high voltage and conduct high-voltage experiments on electrical equipment. Special transformers: such as electric furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, adjustment transformers, etc.high voltage transformer manufacturers- CHNZBTECH

Dry-type transformer: Relying on air convection for cooling, generally used in some small-capacity transformers such as lighting and electronic circuits. Oil-immersed transformer: relying on oil as the cooling medium, such as oil-immersed natural cooling, oil-immersed air cooling, oil-immersed water cooling, forced oil circulation, etc. Core transformer: Power transformer used for high voltage.

Amorphous alloy transformer: Amorphous alloy iron core transformer is a new type of magnetic material, and its no-load current is reduced by about 80%. It is now an energy-saving distribution transformer that is more ambitious, especially suitable for rural power grids and developing regions. Locally with lower rates. Shell-type transformers: special transformers used for large currents, such as electric furnace transformers, welding transformers; or power transformers for electronic equipment, televisions, radios, etc.

Double winding transformer: used to connect two voltage levels in the power system. Three-winding transformer: generally used in the regional substation of the power system to connect three voltage levels. Autotransformer: used to connect power systems with different voltages. It can also be used as a general step-up or step-down transformer.

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