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Model of ferroalloy refining furnace equipment

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The ferroalloy refining furnace is mainly used for desilication refining of ore, high-silicon low-carbon ferroalloy re-refining products and fluxes to obtain medium-carbon, low-carbon, and micro-carbon ferroalloy products. It is generally an electric arc smelting furnace; Smelting of ferroalloy products such as, medium chromium, low chromium, low microchromium, nickel-iron, ferromanganese, high-titanium slag, rare earth alloys, zirconium and other iron alloy products.

Model parameters of ferroalloy refining furnace equipment:

Technical parameter/Model1000KVA1800KVA2200KVA3200KVA4000KVA6300KVA8000KVA
Hearth diameter(mm)2750320034003700420047005300
Transformer rated capacity(KVA)1000180022003200400063008000
Transformer first voltage(KV)10/3510/3510/3510/3510/3510/3510/35
Transformer secondary voltage(V)180-75210-95220-109240-121260-139310-151340-175
Graphite electrode diameter(mm)200250300350400400450
Tapping angle/slag tapping angle                                                                 45°
Cooling water consumption(m³/h)601001502503000300350

The above data is for reference only and can be reconfigured according to user needs.

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