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Ladle refining furnace's operating procedures

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Ladle refining furnace is an important metallurgical equipment used to refine the molten steel melted in primary smelting furnace (electric arc furnace, open hearth furnace and converter), and can adjust the molten steel temperature and process buffer to meet the requirements of continuous casting and continuous rolling. Ladle furnace is one of the main equipment for refining outside the furnace.

Operating procedures of twin ladle furnace 

1. Before operation, check whether the interlocking protection device and travel switch of ladle car are safe and reliable.ladle heating furnace-Chnzbtech

2. Check the vacuum system, oxygen blowing, hydrogen blowing, thermal insulation, heating, feeding and other mechanical parts, and start the machine only after confirming that it is safe and reliable.

3. Check whether the sample spoon and sample mold are kept dry.

4. Check whether the station tools used are easy to use.

5. Contact the power supply unit and vacuum control room as required.

6. Ring the bell or turn on other safety signals before driving.

7. Conduct high-voltage power transmission and vacuum degassing according to the procedure.

8. When starting the ladle car, the track must be checked and obstacles must be removed at any time.

9. It is forbidden to pass under the high-voltage line after power transmission.

10. When connecting and unloading pressure pipe joints, the valve must be closed before operation.

11. When using oxygen, it is strictly prohibited to hold hands in front of the card head and wear greasy gloves.

12. After sampling, the remaining molten steel shall be poured into a dry place.

13. When releasing the vacuum, all personnel are not allowed to approach the air supply pipe orifice.

14. For inspection and maintenance, when it is necessary to board the heating bridge for operation, the high-voltage key must be pulled out, the high-voltage power supply must be cut off, and the operator shall bring his own key.

15. When lifting and changing electrodes, special personnel shall be assigned for command. The lifting ring and the hook shall be connected with steel wire rope, the hook safety shall be closed, and it is strictly prohibited to open the three phases at the same time for lifting and replacement.

16. Objects shall not be stacked on the furnace cover and bridge. It is strictly prohibited to throw objects up and down when working on the bridge.

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