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How to produce ferroalloy electric furnace?

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I believe that many friends are very unfamiliar with the production of ferroalloy electric furnaces. After all, we have very little contact with it in our lives. The following is a brief introduction to this problem, and I hope it can help you!

What is submerged arc furnace?

        Generally, there are two types of electric furnaces, namely submerged arc furnace and electric arc furnace. What is submerged arc furnace? Carbon is used as a reducing agent to produce ferroalloys. The commonly used ore reduction furnace is called submerged arc furnace. When smelting, the mixed raw materials are added to the furnace mouth, and at the same time, it is produced by the electric arc and electric current through the charge. Resistance heating is used for heating.

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The raw materials used in the production of submerged arc furnaces generally include ore, concentrate or relatively pure oxides, etc., and the charge is added to the furnace from the furnace top or the furnace door. The entire smelting process can be divided into arc ignition , Feeding, melting and refining and so on.

Ferroalloy submerged arc furnace manufacturer, manufactures here to remind everyone that submerged arc furnaces can only obtain high-carbon alloys because they use carbonaceous reducing agents. The production of ferroalloys with silicon, mainly siliceous alloys (as a reducing agent) usually uses electric arc furnaces.

Okay, the above is all the content summarized by the ferroalloy submerged arc furnace manufacturer ZBTECH for you. If you want to know more related information, you can follow our official website and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!  

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