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Ferroalloy furnace's gas purification

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Gas is produced in the production process of ferroalloy furnace

A large amount of gas is produced in the production process of ferroalloy reduction electric furnace. When the open electric furnace is used for production, the gas burns into flue gas when encountering air, which is large and dusty. It is difficult to purify and is not conducive to energy recovery. It will pollute the environment for a long time, form public hazards and cause energy loss. Since the 1970s, in order to protect the environment and save energy, ferroalloy reduction electric furnace has gradually changed from open electric furnace to closed or semi closed electric furnace. The closed electric furnace is used for smelting ferromanganese, ferrochrome and other ferroalloys, and the semi closed electric furnace is used for smelting ferroalloys (ferrosilicon, metal silicon, etc.) requiring charge level operation.Carbon electrode furnace suppliers - CHNZBTECH

The closed electric furnace is equipped with a sealed furnace cover and explosion relief device. The generated gas is led out in the unburned state and introduced into the gas purification facility for purification and recovery. The gas generation process is continuous and stable, and the gas volume is only 1 ~ 2% of the flue gas volume of open electric furnace. Therefore, the gas purification equipment is small, the combination is simple, and the purification operation is convenient. Gas purification generally adopts wet process. The gas contains effective fuel components such as CO, H2 and CH4, accounting for about 80% of the gas volume, mainly Co, and the calorific value is 2100 ~ 2400 kcal / standard meter.

In order to control the flue gas of ferrosilicon electric furnace, the high smoke hood of open electric furnace was changed to low smoke hood at first, and then developed into semi closed electric furnace. The development process of flue gas treatment of open ferroalloy electric furnace.

It can control the amount of flue gas and facilitate the purification and recovery of heat energy. When the waste heat boiler is installed, the heat recovered can reach 30% of the total energy consumption of the electric furnace or 65% of the total power consumption. If it is used for power generation, about 20% of the electric energy can be recovered. Dry process is generally adopted for flue gas purification.

A large amount of high-temperature dusty flue gas is discharged from silicon manganese ferroalloy electric furnace in the smelting process. The main components of flue gas are MnO and SiO2, and most of the particle size of flue gas is less than 5um. Therefore, if the flue gas containing fine particles does not contain dust, it will do great harm to human health. It also affects the atmospheric environment around ferroalloy and the physical and mental health of workers. Therefore, it is of great significance to control the flue gas of silicon manganese submerged arc furnace from both environmental and social benefits.

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