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Electroslag remelting furnace working principle and advantages

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Electroslag remelting furnace is a device that uses the heat energy generated by electric current through high-resistance molten slag to remelt metal. Electroslag remelting is generally carried out under atmospheric pressure. According to needs, a vacuum unit can also be configured for vacuum refining.

The world's first electroslag remelting furnace was born in the United States in 1930. However, the former Soviet Union's Ukrainian Electric Welding Machine Research Institute did a lot of research and development on electroslag remelting furnaces in the world.

Electroslag remelting furnace working principle

Electroslag remelting furnace is an electric furnace equipment that uses the protection method of slag to isolate air to refine certain steels or alloys.

In terms of heating principle, electroslag remelting furnace is a resistance melting furnace. The electroslag remelting process is that the lower end of the electrode is immersed in the molten slag. When the alternating current passes through the high-resistance slag pool, a large amount of heat is generated, which melts the electrode end immersed in the molten slag, and the molten metal droplets drop through the slag pool into the metal molten pool, and then are cooled by the water-cooled crystallizer After condensing into ingots. In this process, the metal droplets are fully contacted with the high-temperature and high-basicity slag, resulting in a strong metallurgical chemical reaction, so that the metal is refined.

Electrical equipment of electroslag furnace

In addition to the electric furnace transformer, the electrical equipment of the electroslag remelting furnace has the following three parts:electroslag furnace supplier -Chnzbtech

(1) The high-voltage side equipment mainly includes: isolation switch, high-voltage circuit breaker, high-voltage voltage transformer, high-voltage current transformer, etc.

(2) The low-voltage side equipment mainly includes: short-circuit busbar, low-voltage current transformer, etc.

(3) Control equipment, including regulator cabinet, console, transmission motor, etc.

Characteristics of slag in electroslag refining furnace

(1) It has a high resistivity and can generate enough heat during the smelting process to ensure the melting, heating and purification of the metal.

(2) It has a certain alkalinity, so its deoxidation and desulfurization effect is good.

(3) Does not contain stable oxides, such as MnO, FeO, etc.

(4) It has good fluidity to ensure that convective heat exchange and liquid physical and chemical reactions at high temperatures are fully carried out.

(5) It has a lower melting point, generally 150-250 ℃ lower than the melting point of the molten metal, which makes the ingot form well.

(6) It has a high boiling point so that it will not volatilize in large quantities at high temperatures.

Electric slag furnace advantages

Compared with other remelting equipment, the main advantages of electroslag remelting furnace are:

(1) There is a strong metallurgical chemical reaction between the molten metal and the slag, so the phosphorus and sulfur removal effects are relatively good, and the purity of the ingot is relatively high.

(2) Simple equipment, high productivity and low investment.

(3) The molten slag can isolate the molten metal from the outside air and is not polluted by the outside world.

(4) Slag and molten metal produce metallurgical chemical reaction, which can smelt high-grade metals and alloys.

(5) The non-metallic inclusions in the molten metal react chemically with the slag, and all the non-metallic inclusions are removed by the slag.

(6) Since the ingot is cooled in a water-cooled copper crucible, the cooling speed is very fast, which leads to a uniform internal structure of the ingot and no segregation.

Electroslag remelting furnace has a wide range of applications, not only can be used to produce aviation bearing steel, superalloy, precision alloy and some non-ferrous metals, etc., but also can be used to produce hundreds of tons of large-scale high-quality alloy ingots, large flat ingots or slabs , hollow steel ingots, composite plates, as well as cast rolls, gear blanks, turbine disks, pressure vessels, aircraft landing gear, gun barrels and other special-shaped castings.

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