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How to prevent early failure of carbon lining for ferroalloy furnace

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How to prevent early failure of carbon lining for ferroalloy furnace?

Inventory the currently used carbon furnace lining masonry methods, nothing more than these three: carbon brick seamless method, carbon brick wide seam method, cold ramming and paste integral ramming method. These three methods all have their own disadvantages and weaknesses.

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Today, we introduce a method based on the seamless method of charcoal bricks, where the weak part of the furnace lining-the brick joints, is specially treated, thereby solving the problem of brick joints. Brick seams are divided into vertical seams and flat seams.

1. Special treatment of vertical seam of brick

The standing seam processing method is to cut two inverted dovetail seal grooves around the carbon bricks by cutting, and then fill them with a special low-expansion coarse seam paste to make the carbon bricks a pre-baked matrix and self-baked paste Composite carbon brick composed of an endless belt of materials.

After the submerged arc furnace lining is constructed according to the seamless masonry method, the electric furnace is put into use. When the temperature rises, the self-baking paste pre-installed in the carbon brick inverted dovetail tank will melt, fuse, roast and solidify. The standing seams of adjacent carbon bricks are sealed together, which is equivalent to a sealing ring in a mechanical part, which prevents the infiltration of molten iron. At the same time, since it is inside the carbon brick, the molten iron will not wash it out, so its The loose structure formed by the paste can also meet actual needs.

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2. Special treatment of brick flat seam

The general design of the furnace lining is 3 layers of carbon bricks, that is, there are two flat seams, and the arrangement of each layer of carbon bricks is staggered by 45° from the lower layer. Inverted dovetail grooves that are wider and shallower than the side grooves are respectively processed on the joint surfaces of the upper and lower carbon bricks, and then the self-baking paste is filled in with the side grooves, and tamped and ground. When the electric furnace is put into production after the masonry is completed, these flat grooves form a flat prismatic mesh, and the intersections of the upper and lower grooves are fused together, and the upper and lower layers of carbon bricks are joined together through this prismatic mesh. In the future, even if molten iron penetrates to the bottom of the carbon brick, it will not float the carbon brick.

3. Conclusion

Through the different treatments of vertical seams and flat seams, the carbon bricks used to form the furnace lining, including wall bricks and taphole bricks, are tightly connected into a whole, which prevents iron penetration, which perfectly solves the problem of the industry. A long-standing problem.china Ferroalloy furnace - CHNZBTECH

This method is very simple to implement and very effective. It is worthy of attention and adoption by colleagues in the industry. I believe that the promotion and application of this method will greatly extend the life of the furnace lining, greatly reduce the production cost, and raise the lining technology to a new level.

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