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Technology-common sense of rolling mill

In the early days, two high rolling mills were used to roll plates and strips. Because the rolling pressure is very large when rolling plate and strip, in order to ensure sufficient rigidity, the roll diameter is required to be large enough. However, with the increase of roll diameter, the elastic flattening of roll also increases, so the two high mill can only roll thick narrow strip.

2022 05-13
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Continuous casters' specific types introduction 01

At present, there are five types of continuous casters used all over the world: vertical, vertical bending, arc, oval and horizontal. The pouring operation, crystallization solidification, secondary cooling, cutting and other processes of the vertical continuous caster are carried out in sequence on the vertical line. The vertical bending caster is vertical first, then bent 90 ° into a horizontal shape after the slab solidifies, and then cut and transported out.

2022 04-13
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Continuous casters' specific introduction 01

In continuous casting production, a set of continuous casting equipment that shares a ladle and casts first-class or multi stream billets at the same time is called a continuous caster. A continuous caster can be multi unit or single unit. The so-called unit is a set of continuous casting equipment with independent transmission system and working system in a continuous casting machine, which can still work as usual in case of other machine accidents.

2022 04-08
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Continuous casting machine's professional introduction

The production process of continuously casting high-temperature molten steel into billets with certain section shape and certain size is called continuous cast steel. The equipment required to complete this process is called continuous casting complete set of equipment.

2021 12-01
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Cooling tower about the precautions for routine maintenance

Main points of daily maintenance of cooling tower. (1) Running records When a circular cooling tower is constructed or installed and put into operation, the manufacturer shall provide data on all characteristics of the cooling tower: Including thermal characteristics, resistance characteristics,

2021 08-20




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