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Electric arc furnace's introduction - part 1

Electric arc furnace is an electric furnace that uses the high temperature produced by electrode arc to melt ores and metals. The energy is very concentrated when the gas discharge forms the arc, and the temperature of the arc area is above 3000 ℃. For metal smelting, the electric arc furnace is more flexible than other steelmaking furnaces, which can effectively remove sulfur, phosphorus and other impurities. The furnace temperature is easy to control, and the equipment occupies a small area, which is suitable for smelting high-quality alloy steel.

2022 10-24
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Process and advantages of electric arc furnace melting cast iron

At present, the domestic electric arc furnace smelting of high carbon wear-resistant steel castings has developed rapidly, but its application in smelting high-end cast iron refractory castings is less.

2022 09-26
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Method for protecting steel tapping electric furnace

An electric arc furnace is an electric furnace that uses the high temperature generated by an electrode arc to smelt ores and metals, so it is also called an electric furnace. When the gas discharge in the electric furnace forms an arc, the energy is very concentrated, and the arc zone temperature is above 3000 ℃.

2022 01-21
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Electric arc furnace's development history

French Heroult (P.L.T.Héroult) used the high temperature of the electric arc of the electrode to develop an alternative energy source for coal and invented the electric arc furnace for industrial direct smelting from 1888 to 1892. At first, the electric arc furnace was only used for the production of calcium carbide and ferroalloys. It was not until 1906 that it was developed for steelmaking, which enabled the economical and large-scale recycling of steel scrap.

2020 10-21




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