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Introduction to horizontal, arc and elliptical continuous casters

The crystallizer, secondary cooling zone, tension leveler, cutting equipment and other equipment of the horizontal continuous caster are installed at the horizontal position, and the tundish is closely connected with the crystallizer. A separation ring is installed at the connection between the tundish nozzle and the crystallizer. During billet drawing, the mold does not vibrate

2022 05-16
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Technology-common sense of rolling mill

In the early days, two high rolling mills were used to roll plates and strips. Because the rolling pressure is very large when rolling plate and strip, in order to ensure sufficient rigidity, the roll diameter is required to be large enough. However, with the increase of roll diameter, the elastic flattening of roll also increases, so the two high mill can only roll thick narrow strip.

2022 05-13
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Continuous casters' specific types introduction 02

The crystallizer of vertical and vertical bending continuous casters is straight, while the arc continuous caster adopts the arc crystallizer with a certain curvature radius. The crystallizer, secondary cooling device and tension straightening device are arranged on the quarter radian of a circle with a certain radius. The slab has been bent when solidified in the mold.

2022 04-15
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Fume treatment plant's maintenance

How to maintain the fume treatment plant? Before that, we have explained the consequences of industrial vacuum cleaners that do not pay attention to maintenance or use incorrect methods. Let's introduce how to use and maintain the vacuum cleaner correctly. 1. There are many kinds of dust removal equipment, with different models, specifications, structural performance and functional characteristics.

2022 02-14
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What is rolling machine?

Rolling mill is used for metal rolling process and refers to complete the whole process of rolling production equipment, including the main equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting transport equipment and accessory equipment, etc.

2021 12-03




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