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Exploring The Benefits And Advantages of Ferrosilicon Furnace in Industrial Processes

Ferrosilicon is a widely used alloy in various industrial processes, particularly in the production of steel and cast iron. Ferrosilicon furnaces are specifically designed to facilitate the production of ferrosilicon alloy. In this article, we will delve into the benefits and advantages of ferro

2023 08-16
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Industrial silicon furnace: how to repair the carbon brick furnace eye?

Industrial silicon furnace is a kind of submerged arc furnace, as the name suggests, it is mainly used to smelt industrial silicon solution. In the entire industrial silicon furnace, the life of the furnace eye part is the weakest, and it is extremely vulnerable to high temperature slag erosion and

2021 02-10
Ferroalloy melting furnace manufacturers- CHNZBTECH.jpg
Ferroalloy furnace: a way to prevent carbon furnace lining failure

Carbon lining is the material of choice for most ferroalloy linings. However, as the capacity of submerged arc furnaces continues to increase, the early failure of the lining is a very prominent problem. This technology uses a relatively simple method to solve the problem that has long plagued the i

2021 01-18
china Ferroalloy furnace- CHNZBTECH.png
Analysis on the Causes of the Damage of the Ferroalloy Furnace Body

Reasons and analysis of furnace damage1. The electrode working end is too long for a long time, and the furnace bottom refractory material is consumed a lot, which causes the temperature of the furnace bottom to rise abnormally or the result of furnace bottom burning through.2. The working end of th

2021 01-06
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Ferroalloy furnace manufacturer: What are the characteristics of ferroalloy submerged arc furnace

1. Energy saving: The production of ferroalloys accounts for a large proportion of electricity consumption, so reducing power consumption and increasing the cost of thermal efficiency is an effective way to reduce the production cost of ferroalloys.At present, the actual power consumption of my coun

2020 12-18




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