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Electric arc furnace classification

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Electric arc furnace classification:

    (1) According to the nature of the refractory lining:

Acid electric furnace, basic electric furnace; 

    (2) According to the position of the furnace and transformer

Left operation electric furnace, right operation electric furnace

    (3) According to the current characteristics:

AC electric furnace, DC electric furnace;

    (4) According to the power level:

Normal power electric furnace, high power electric furnace, ultra high power electric furnace

    (5) According to the preheating of scrap steel

Shaft furnace, double-shell furnace, continuous preheating electric furnace, etc.

    (6) Divided by tapping method

Trough-tap hole furnace, partial bottom tapping (EBT electric furnace), etc.

    (7) According to the form of bottom electrode:

Stylus air-cooled DC electric furnace, conductive furnace bottom air-cooled and steel rod water-cooled DC electric furnace

   (8) According to the displacement of the furnace cover and the furnace body,

Furnace open-type electric furnace, furnace cover open-type and furnace cover rotary-type furnace

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