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Electric furnace steelmaking technology 01

Focusing on the objectives of high production efficiency, simple function, environmental friendliness, intelligent control and diversified raw materials, electric furnace steelmaking technology has been continuously developed. The goal of high efficiency of electric furnace smelting is to shorten the smelting cycle and power on time as much as possible and reduce the smelting power consumption as much as possible.

2022 05-27
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EAF steelmaking technology - what is the future development of it in China

In recent years, the annual output of crude steel in the world has ranged from 1.6 billion tons to 1.8 billion tons, including more than 400 million tons of electric furnace steel, accounting for about 25%. Except for China, the proportion of EAF steel in the global iron and steel industry has reached more than 40%. The proportion of electric furnace steel in the United States has reached 67%, which is the highest proportion of electric furnace steel in developed countries.

2022 05-25
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What is the electric furnace's technology of slag-free steel tapping?

The sliding nozzle tap can be used in electric furnaces​ and converters. Its structure is similar to that of the ladle sliding nozzle, but it is relatively large and the operation is basically the same. The sliding nozzle device developed by the British Sheffield company was successfully applied to the tapping nozzle in a 90t electric furnace for the first time.

2022 01-12
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Electric arc furnace's non-slag tapping technology

The electric arc furnace slag-free tapping technology is a tapping technology in which the steel slag is separated when the steel is tapped in the electric arc furnace, the slag is left in the furnace, and the molten steel flows into the ladle. Common methods include siphon tapping method, center bottom tapping method, eccentric furnace bottom tapping method, etc.

2022 01-03
How an electric arc furnace work?

Electric Arc Furnace Arc furnace provides a simple and effective way of melting various grades of scrap and then going ahead to refine the metal to desired specification. It is also useful in making all kinds of steels including tool steels and alloy steels. This provides a method of utilising l

2020 10-06




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