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Electric furnace tapping channel and its function and type

When the electric furnace is tapped, the furnace body is inclined to the tapping direction at a certain angle (usually 45s), and the molten steel flows through the tapping trough and enters the ladle. In addition to diversion of the molten steel, the tapping trough also prevents the molten steel from dispersing and protects the molten steel from secondary oxidation.

2022 01-19
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13 steps of electric arc furnace steelmaking-part 2

The oxidation period of ordinary power electric arc furnace steelmaking usually refers to the process stage from the dissolution of the charge, sampling and analysis to the completion of the oxidation slag. Some think it started from blowing oxygen or adding ore to decarbonize.

2022 01-17
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Slag-free tapping of electric furnace of technology sharing

To achieve slag-free tapping of electric furnaces​, traditional tapping methods need to be changed. The rapid progress of electric furnace technology is not only reflected in the number of electric furnaces, but also the furnace type and tapping mechanism and control methods are constantly changing and updated, making the electric furnace slag-free tapping technology more perfect and diversified.

2022 01-07
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Electric arc furnace's slag-free tapping technology

In the late 1970s, Krupp Stahl AG developed a simple steel slag separation technology, that is, according to the siphon principle, the original horizontal tapping hole of the electric arc furnace​ was changed to an inclined type. The inner end is buried in the molten steel to a certain depth, and the outer end of the furnace is higher than the molten steel level.

2022 01-05
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7 advantages of electric arc furnace

Electric arc furnaces use electric energy as their main energy source. Electric energy is arc drawn through the discharge of graphite electrodes and the charge to produce high temperatures above 2000 ~ 6000 ℃, and the scrap steel raw materials are melted by means of arc radiation, temperature convec

2020 10-26




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