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What are the types of rolling mills

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Rolling mill and cold rolling mill are commonly used mechanical equipment, especially in industrial production activities. Moreover, they are also the main products of the website, so for us, we have to understand them. However, due to the limited space of the article, the small editor will introduce one of them, the rolling mill, which mainly explains its two aspects, its type and its tension. I hope you can know more about the rolling mill through this article.

Types of rolling machine

There are many types of rolling mills, which can be divided according to different standards, as follows:

If divided according to plate processing, the rolling mill can be divided into hot rolling mill and cold rolling mill.China rolling machine - CHNZBTECH

If it is divided according to the rolling thickness, the rolling mill can be divided into medium plate rolling mill and medium plate rolling mill.

If divided according to the stand, the rolling mill can be divided into single stand rolling mill, double stand rolling mill and multi stand rolling mill.

If it is divided according to the cold-rolled strip, the rolling mill can be divided into continuous rolling mill and reversible rolling mill.

Rolling mill tension is also an important part of rolling mill. Let's explain it in detail.

Mill tension, which mainly occurs in continuous rolling, is an important phenomenon in the process of continuous rolling. In the production of cold strip rolling, high tension rolling is a feature of production. If the tension system is reasonable, it can ensure the stability of the rolling process and good control of the quality of finished strip.

Generally speaking, rolling machine's functions mainly include the following points:

Function 1: prevent deviation of rolled piece.

Function 2: automatically adjust the function.

Function 3: make the rolled plate shape straight.

Function 4: reduce the rolling pressure and avoid deformation, so as to improve the output.

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